Upgrade your HP 9000/400 to a 425 or 433

The goal here is to squeeze out as much performance as possible from early 1990s workstations.

Warning: The procedures detailed here involve opening and mucking around inside your workstation. If you're unfamiliar with anti-static measures and/or are uncomfortable with this, find a friend who is. You could seriously toast your machine if you're not careful.

Most of this information is courtesy of Herb Peyerl. Without his help, I'd still be waiting for my 400s to finish loading emacs.

These pages don't really cover the 345/375 to 380 upgrade, since I don't have good info on it (or EEPROM image files). If someone were to send me details, I'd be happy to add them. Presumably a procedure similar to the one described here could be used to upgrade a 345 or 375 to a 380. You can follow a rough guide, but I won't make any promises.

First some terminology:
model processor case style
345 50 MHz 68030 thin rackmount
375 50 MHz 68030 rackmount
400s 50 MHz 68030 s
400t 50 MHz 68030 t
380 25 MHz 68040 rackmount
425s 25 MHz 68040 s
425t 25 MHz 68040 t
425e 25 MHz 68040 e
433s 33 MHz 68040 s
433t 33 MHz 68040 t
433e 33 MHz 68040 e

The s workstations have a weird tower-smashed-into-a-minitower case style, also known as a strider case. Here are instructions for upgrading a 400s to a 425s or 433s.

The t workstations have a normal, thin, tower case style, also known as a trailways case. Here are instructions for upgrading your 400t to a 425t or 433t.

The e workstations have a thin desktop case style. There are no instructions for upgrading an e machine, since they all shipped with 68040 processors (though you could still get a faster oscillator and 68040 for a nice simple speed boost).

The 345 has the same case as the 340, but its guts are the same as the 375, namely same RAM cards and same upgrade path. I'm under the impression HP never shipped a 68040 version of this box, but there have been reports of people upgrading them. I don't have access to this hardware, so all I can do is offer a rough guide to upgrading your 345 to a 380.

The 375 is in a standard 300 series box with 4 or 8 DIO-II slots. The motherboard, like the 400 series has a 68030 daughterboard that can be replaced with a 68040. Uses the same RAM cards as the 345 and 380 (and possibly 400 series). The 380 is just the 25 MHz 68040 version of the 375. I don't think HP shipped a 33 MHz version of this, but I'm given to understand that it the 380 can be upgraded to run at 33 MHz. Again, since I don't have access to this hardware, all I can do is offer a rough guide to upgrading your 375 to a 380.

Last updated on 6/6/98 by Mike